Offshore companies are not new and they are in trend since a decade or more. People like to have an offshore company to make more money because an offshore company will be started in a country which has some lower amount of that kind of product for which offshore company is formed. There is a long process for offshore company formation in UAE and people have to follow the procedure in order to get the permission from the concerned authorities and country’s government. Taking care of the rules of country in which you are going to start offshore company is very important and if not followed then you will not get the permission. To star the company you have to get in contact with the DIFC wills and they will tell you about the necessary things to do which are as follows:

First of all you have to files all the legal documents in the office of concerned government. In these documents you have to fulfill different kinds of information like your company name, origin, purpose, products to make and several other things. Each country has a different set of rules for filing these documents and you have to follow them carefully. To file these documents you have to hire a good agent or company that will provide you all the necessary information and assistance to file. 

The documents which are needed include the articles of information which has all the basic information about the company like name and purpose in the language of law. You cannot just write down all the things by yourself, you have to hire a legal person or company so that it can write it with proper legal language while taking care of the rules. You have to hire a local agent or company because their declaration is also needed in these documents otherwise your application will not be approved. This local agent will declare that he has informed his client about all the details and laws regarding the formation and running a company. 

After applying for this you have to pay government fee which is different in different countries and also it varies with the industry in which you are going to start your offshore company and according to the size of your company too. This fee is paid through the bank or through the agent.

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May 6, 2020