People are always conscious on how they present themselves to the public and for that they need to avail services of Spas that offers the best manicure and pedicure in Abu Dhabi.

The obsession in being presentable: The desire to look attractive and presentable has always driven mankind alike. Since ancient times women have been involved in various types of beauty trades to enhance their looks and appeal. Several different types of beautification techniques have been in practice among which manicure and pedicure has gained extensive appreciation in the last few decades.

Understand the treatments: Manicure and pedicure are a cosmetic beauty treatment for the finger and hand and foot nails respectively which can be done at home however more professional touch can be given to these services when availed at salon. A spa that offers a huge variety of products  and services in manicure and pedicure will be able to gain complete competitive advantage over fellow spas.

Emphasis placed on efficiency of a Spa: Modern, clean and comfortable space with convenient location makes it more appropriate as long as the spa is centrally located. Staff of the spa  should be  extremely professional and familiar with  modern trends. The Spa should  constantly strive in bringing the newest styles and ideas to the discerning customer satiety.

Importance of having top notch equipments and tools: There are different types of manicures like basic Manicure as well as specialized types that require different kits and professional trainings such as French Manicure, Reverse French Manicure, Mirror Manicure, Shellac Manicure and etc. The manicure and hand treatment includes Classic and Spa hands treatment, Manicure with machine, polishing of nails and Gel extensions, refills as well. Similarly Pedicure and foot care comprises of Pedicure classic and spa, Pedicure with machine, Pedicure with Gel and Pedicure with polish. The staff should focus on  ideal positions for client comfort and proper posture for their own physical health and a well equipped facility. A good manicure not only cleans, shapes the nails but also treats cuticles, which is vital for keeping healthy and strong nails. At this point it is of utmost importance to take note of appropriate sterilization of instruments as contamination can cause serious health hazards like hepatitis B and C viruses. Adherence to the professional standards on bio safety by using disposable gloves, employing proper hand washing techniques, previously cleaned working material and use of disposable materials as well. For more information visit Anahataspa’s site.