Dance is an old form of art which people used to perform to express themselves. There are many facts about it. some of them are:

  1. Noverre was called the Shakespeare of the dance by David Garrick who was theatrical manager and actor in Britain from 1717 to 1779.
  2. No one knows when the dance was started or when it was originated but there are painting in cave in India that says it was originated 9,000 years ago as they have the pictures of females and males dancing.
  3. Confucius was a Chinese philosopher of the period of spring and autumn who talked and wrote about justice, governmental and personal morality and social relationships. The originator of Confucianism used to say that sword should not be given to a person who don’t know how to dance.
  4. There were nine muses in Greek Mythology and each of them is associated with each kind of arts. The muse of dancing was Terpischore.
  5. Baby Ballerinas are considered as the youngest ballets that performed in 1933 with Ballet Russes. There were three girls in Baby Ballerinas: Irina Baronova, Tatiana Riabouchinska and Tama Toumanova. Irina was 13 years old while Tatiana and Tamaea were 15 and 14 year-old girls.
  6. There were many singer who did not find any dance suitable for their songs; therefore, they created dance themselves for their songs.Take an example of Michael Jackson who created famous dance, Moonwalk, for Thriller.
  7. The Nutcracker is the most famous ballet around the world. It was performed in 1892 for the first time by Tchaikovsky.
  8. Michael Flately was the highest-paid dancer in history. He used to earn $1.8 million every week when he was very famous. His legs hand an insurance of $44.7 million. The dancer was famous for Riverdance.
  9. The largest dance took place in 1996 when 72,000 people gathered in Ohio at a fair to perform Chicken dance.
  10. The record of the largest tap dance was made in 1998 in Germany when 6952 dancers performed together.
  11. Choros is the work in Greek language for dance that means “source of joy”.
  12. The personnel of navy and army were not allowed to dance on Tango in Germany in 1913.

So, these are top 12 facts about dance which beginners should know to motivate themselves to learn to dance. There are many dance schools in Dubai that teach so many types of dance but nothing is as trendier as salsa classes in Dubai schools!