We all know hackers are available all around and you can’t dodge them because they’re always smarter and a step ahead of us all. The good thing is that it is easy to determine a fake website. But before we get into it, just remember that cheap website design Dubai and fake website are two different things. A cheap website doesn’t always mean it is fake. Keep on reading to find out signs of fake website:

  • Weird domain names

This is one of the first things which you must look for in a website because domain name can tell you if the site is legitimate or not. Check to see if domain name is spelled right or if there are unusual characters seen in it. Sometimes the domain name could be associated with HTTPS but you have to know that it doesn’t always guarantee security.

  • Grammatical mistakes/unprofessional graphics

This is something which will immediately catch your eye, and if it does you shouldn’t be ignoring it at all. Unprofessional English is something a credible website would not risk for. It is a language of communication and most of the times shows your educational level as well. As long as graphics are related, you will see that some childish graphics are visible which will surely help you determine the legitimacy of a website.

  • Discounts

Imagine getting compelled by a crazily amazing discount in which you get a bundle of sweaters in the cheapest rates, either you will be prone to buying it or you will question the discount because we all know that quality cannot be found in such rates. Question such discounts and verify them from other stores because it isn’t always a good idea to fall for them or test one or two products as they could have your personal information saved and use it later.

  • Weird customer service

It is a universally know rule that a site or business who has a good customer service will surely be regarded more for their services. But what does one do when the customer services or contact information is weird or strange? You refrain from such websites and not buy from them just to end up getting scammed. This is something which is a bit hard to detect but with a little concentration you will get there.

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May 6, 2020