Toyota is the world’s leading company which is not only good at making cars but it is also leading the market in making the best technology. Some of us never knew that Toyota has become a pioneer in introducing the worldwide recognized innovation projects. It has many projects going towards for technology and for humanity as well. One of many projects is the partner robot program. From 2011, Toyota has been working on a project which is named as partner robot and this is will be the robot of near future that will assist in reducing the daily annoyances and hardships and so far till today it can successfully do; picking up a dropped object, getting an item from the table and getting an item from a high place.

There are also the walk and training assist and balance training assist robots that will help the humans who are in rehabs and who cannot train with a personal trainer. The personal trainer may miss the exact movements but when you will have a robot is programmed to train you with precise, it will be another kind of experience. Then there is the Kirobo in Space. This is a cute and 34 centimeters long robot which was developed with the technology of face recognition software that was developed with the help of Toyota in Japan and also it was funded by Japan. He provided assistance and gave company to the astronaut Kochi Wakata of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) who was on a mission which was launched from the Tanegashima Space Center in Japan in August 2013.

During the mission he was declared as the first robot which was capable of speaking and when he reached the space he said, on August 21, 2013, a robot took one small step towards a brighter future for all. You can get Toyota land cruiser export anywhere in the world and have car export in Dubai.

Then Toyota is funding a lot in integrated safety technology, this part of technology is dedicated to driving and in 2018, there was a development of two major technologies; the pre collision system with steer assist and automated highway driving assistant. This was designed to take precautionary measure before the system confirmed that the car is about to take a hit. The second project was completed to make sure that drivers keep attentive while they drive on the long highways.