Mathematics is a fundamental subject that plays a crucial role in a student’s academic journey. It is not only a subject to be conquered but a skill to be mastered, as it forms the basis for problem-solving and critical thinking. By following the strategies mentioned below, you can excel in math and lay the groundwork for success in various American primary schools in Dubai.

Build a strong foundation:

Mathematics is a cumulative subject, with each concept building on the previous one. Ensure that your understanding of basic math, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, is solid. Without a strong foundation, more advanced concepts become challenging.

Active learning:

Passive learning is rarely effective in math. Actively engage with the material by working through problems, solving equations, and practicing regularly. The more you actively interact with math, the more confident you become.

Seek clarification:

Don’t hesitate to seek clarification when you encounter difficulties. Whether it’s asking questions in class, seeking help from your teacher, or turning to online resources, clarifying doubts is crucial for understanding and mastering math concepts.


Math is a subject that improves with practice. Dedicate time to solving math problems regularly. The more problems you work on, the more familiar you become with various mathematical concepts and techniques.

Visualize math:

Many students find it helpful to visualize mathematical concepts. Use diagrams, charts, and other visual aids to understand complex ideas. Visualization can make abstract concepts more tangible and comprehensible.

Create a study schedule:

Establish a consistent study schedule for math. Regular practice ensures that you retain information and steadily progress in your mathematical skills. Sporadic studying is less effective than consistent, structured study habits. Teaching someone else is one of the best ways to master a subject. Explaining math concepts to a friend, family member, or even to yourself can deepen your understanding and uncover areas where you need further clarification.

Embrace a growth mindset:

Develop a growth mindset, understanding that math skills can be developed through effort and perseverance. Avoid a fixed mindset that assumes you either have mathematical talent or you don’t. Everyone can improve their math skills with dedication.