Finding a comfortable bra is probably one of the hardest tasks which a lady has to go through. It is like finding gold in sand – which is a pretty hard task. The case gets even more complicated when it’s the maternity clothes that you are shopping for. Ranging from maternity swimwear Dubai to nursing bras, there are rumours labelled with everything so let’s debunk a few of them today:

Nursing bras are not pretty

You may think that things are not pretty during pregnancy and they are going to get uglier by the day but trust us when we say this is not the case with nursing bra Dubai. There is a beautiful range of nursing bras available out there which is the definition of comfortable. Once you get a hang of it all you are surely going to love it even a year after your baby stops nursing because they are a real gem which should never be thrown away.

It’s impossible to have a good breast shape

Do you really believe that because the people who use nursing bras certainly don’t. There is a way around to everything and the same is with nursing bras. Even though it is true that during pregnancy or breast feeding your breast are going to have an abnormal shape but this does not mean that you have to live with it! You can manage it with the right kind of nursing bra which provides structure and support to your breast while leaving room for them to breath.

Underwire should never be the option

The real reason why underwire bra is asked to avoid is that it has a risk of causing mastitis which refers to the condition where breasts can cause an infection. But in reality this could be the case with any kind of bra which is misfit but underwire is blamed more due to its previous record. In the early days of breast feeding in general you should never aim for any other bra than the nursing one so that it is convenient for you and your baby.

There are so many things which you will hear during your pregnancy as well as the nursing period with loads of advices but you should be smart in hand picking only the ones which you know are right.

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