When you visit a new country then you must try its food. And if you love food then you must be in search of fancy restaurants which can provide you quality food. In Dubai, there are variety of restaurants which provide different type of food such as Chinese, Thai restaurant and Indian restaurant. If you love Indian food then you must go for the best Indian fine dining restaurant in Dubai. Some restaurants also provide Monday ladies night Dubai. So now it is up to you which type of restaurant you choose. Therefore, we have added few tips which will help you to choose best restaurant so that you can enjoy your dine out.

Know about the quality of food:

When you are going to restaurant then you must know about the quality of food of that restaurant. If the quality of food is not good then you will ruin your money and you will not enjoy your meal.

Know about taste of restaurant:

You must know about the taste of food of that restaurant. If the taste of your food then you can better enjoy your evening. But if you don’t know about the taste of food then you can also get the review from market and also through social media. There are many restaurants in Dubai which provide different types of food so you should select restaurant according to your taste.

Know about their price:

You should know about the price being offered by these restaurants. You must choose the restaurant according to your budget. There are many five star and seven star restaurant in Dubai so you can go for anyone of them if you have high budget.

Know about the reputation of restaurant:

Before going to any restaurant you must know about the reputation of restaurant. When you will be new to any place then you must have no idea about the restaurants so it will be better if you will go for market search and you can also get review from social media.


Location is the most important place when you are going to any restaurant. You must make sure that this restaurant is near to your residence and if it is far away from your residence then you must consider about your travelling options.


You must consider the staff of restaurant before going there. You must know about their behavior and their way of communication.