Parents need to keep monitoring their child’s development over the years. Scoliosis is a condition that usually occur among teenagers in particular females. Most of the times this condition goes undetected. 

Symptoms to watch out for: Picture a family going for a swim, events of the day are going as planned until the parents notice a curve on the spine of their child. In another scenario, while parents are having their breakfast and are ready to drop their child to school but notice that the kid is unable to bend down to pick up the school bag. These examples are a good indication to first visit the pediatrician. 

Pediatrician know their patients well: Pediatricians know the history of their patients since they constantly monitor them as they develop over the years. The point of visiting the pediatrician is that they would notice any odd development on the spinal cord of  their patients. Pediatricians do not treat such conditions but would refer the patient to a scoliosis doctor in Abu Dhabi. Severity of the curve is a strong indicator whether patient needs counseling at a renowned psychiatry clinic in Abu Dhabi. The patient should be prepared to answer many questions asked by the scoliosis doctor. In order to get a good understanding of the patient’s condition, the doctor would inquire if any family member of the patient experiences a similar condition. 

Tests for the patient to take: Scoliosis doctors  conduct a series of tests and examinations on the patient’s spinal cord. Physical examinations are done by having observing the spine in details by seeing it from different angles. The patient would be asked to perform specific exercises in front of the doctor in order to see the prominence of the curve in the spinal cord. Lastly the patient is then told to get an X-ray done on the spine. Results of the X-ray would give a clearer picture of the severity of the curve. Standard procedure requires that if the curve is less than 50 degrees then there is no need for surgery. Bracing of the spine can come in handy for a minor curve since the spinal cord of a child/teenager is still in the developing phase. 

Impact of surgery: Surgery is seen as the last option if nothing works out. Recovering from a scoliosis surgery is challenging and there is a need to keep the mental health of the patient in check by working with a psychiatrist.