There are different restaurants who serve different types of food, but the main difference in restaurants will always occur when it comes to price. There are some cheap restaurants and then there are some cheap restaurants, but we have found some of the most expensive restaurants in the world and with reasons. And one of many is the Sublimotion in Ibiza, Spain. This restaurant charges 2000 dollars per head and this is expensive because of its interior. The walls display different 3D motion spirals and even though it is a 2-star hotel run by Paco Roncero, but still this is expensive because of its interior and people come here when they go to Spain. This restaurant was awarded with the Best Innovation Food and Beverage in 2014 because when you go in this restaurant you are attended by 25 different staff and it is more than 20 entrée drinks to choose from. Some restaurants also offer an athlete weekly meal plan.

Then there is a restaurant in New York called the Per Se, this restaurant charges 685 dollars per person. This restaurant is owned by Thomas Keller and its first and previous chef was Michelin. This restaurant has 9 tasting courses with different types of entrees. It was the first restaurant which introduced complete vegan 9 meal courses and entrees. This is the only restaurants that has more than 2000 vintage wine bottles. Again, there is a restaurant in New York called the Masa which charges 595 dollars per head without including taxes and beverages. This restaurant was made by a Japanese chef; Masa Takayama in 2004. This is a specially sushi restaurant, to get inside this restaurant, you have to get reservation 3 weeks before the original date. Not only sushi there is truffles, kobe beef, and other dishes on the menu.

Then there is a restaurant called the Restaurant De L’Hotel De Ville, this is located in Crissier Switzerland and it charges 415 dollars per head and this hotel offers 11 tasting course meals entrees. There most famous dishes are; fillet of lamb, mussels with saffron, scarlet tomato, pulp, and they have the most expensive caviar. This restaurant was first owned by Benoit and Brigitte Violier, they were husband and wife and when they died it was taken over by Franck Giovannini. Visit for further details.