When a paediatrician asks you to visit paediatric cardiologist in Dubai, being scared could be one of your initial reactions but trust us that most of the conditions diagnosed in the clinic are some of the mild ones that could be controlled at an early stage, treated and cured as well. But in case you are still worried about the trip, then keep on reading to find out what to expect from them:

  • Pre vital checks

Do not freak out when the receptionist tells you that your child is next for the tests as most of the time other kinds of health tests take place after the chat with the doctor. The case is a little different with cardiology as the doctor needs to know your vitals to diagnose the problem accurately. This could involve blood pressure checks, simple exercises, chest X-ray or even ECG. This brings us to our next point which is…

  • ECG tests

An electrocardiogram is performed most of the time in the paediatric cases initially and it’s nothing to be scared about. They are to see and test if there is any problem that could be detected at an early stage. So don’t refrain but also try to avoid skin treatments at an early stage.

  • Bring your records

This is one of the very important things which most of the patients forget about and this leads to a reschedule of appointment. The patient’s past history with the medical conditions could play a huge role in their present condition which is why you should never forget them. Bring along your family member’s or blood relatives’ files as well if this is the reason that you are called in.

  • It could be a team of cardiologist that you could be greeted with

This is one of the unexpected things which most parents and patients are thrown off the guard when entering for their appointment. There is nothing to be scared about as a good cardiologist in Dubai will always be seen accompanied by their team of practitioners to help them with their experience.

  • More test could be recommended

If you think that the pre-visit tests would be all then you could be wrong as the doctor may need to know everything before reaching out to conclusion and diagnosis.

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September 10, 2020