Dental veneers are also known as porcelain veneers and these can be used as laminations around the teeth. These are thin and customer- made shells for teeth and have been developed to cover the front surface of teeth. The best dental veneers in Dubai are used for the teeth when there are chances of change in color, shape, size or length of teeth. These are made from porcelain and resin but porcelain veneers are best to use. 

Why these are used?

These, along with the best dental implants in Dubai, are used to treat several problems of teeth. Some of these are given below.

  • Sometimes, due to inappropriate care of teeth, teeth become discolored. Or sometimes due to the use of medicines teeth become yellowish in color such as tetracycline cause yellowing of teeth. So these are used to remove the yellowing of teeth.
  • If teeth are broken.
  • If there are gaps in teeth
  • If teeth are uneven or are not properly aligned
  • Irregular shape of teeth

Advantages of dental veneers:

  • They give alignment to teeth.
  • They give teeth whitish color.
  • You can choose veneer color of your own choice. 
  • They give natural teeth appearance
  • These give proper shape to teeth.
  • These are used to fill the gaps in teeth.
  • If teeth are broken then these are also used to cover the broken teeth.
  • These make teeth stain resistant. 
  • Provide natural tooth appearance

Duration of veneers:

These are safe to use and these do not cause harm to our teeth. So these can also be used for 7 to 15 years. 

Care of veneers:

Dental veneers do not require any special care. But you must have to keep them hygienic. You must do proper brushing, flossing and rinsing of your teeth. 

You must protect your teeth from eating stain causing food and beverages because veneers are resistant to stains. 

Cost of veneers:

The cost of veneers also vary according to country. It depends on their procedure and total cost in these procedures. But its cost is covered by insurance in any country. But these are not so expensive. Usually in USA, these cost around 1000$ to 2000$.